Movement from the foundation up

Yoga with Josie Sovegjarto | South Coast and London, UK


"Josie has the most calming and loving energy and that comes through in the way that she teaches. I know that she really cares about her students and they can obviously tell too as everyone at Hotpod Yoga Worthing absolutely LOVES her classes. Anyone that takes a class with Josie leaves feeling a little bit warmer inside than before." 

Katie Roberston, Co-Founder at Hot Pod Yoga Worthing

"The programme has been incredibly popular at the school and has created an opportunity to connect with people you might not usually have the chance to. The class is a golden hour of quiet and togetherness which is not easy to find in an energetic school environment. Josie's skill is in making the class accessible to all and gently moving aside any obstacles or self-consciousness." 

Adrianne Chapman, Assistant Principal at The BRIT School

“Josie is very welcoming as a teacher. The pace of the class is good and as we progress I feel the benefits both mentally and physically” 
Sue Latimer, Paramedic

"I love the feeling I get afterwards from the class, the energy and an overall feeling of positivity. It is an excellent activity done alongside other forms of exercise. Josie breaks down the benefits and the purpose of each posture with clear and informative knowledge“ 
Joe Philip, Professional Musician

“Josie is a wonderful, supportive yoga teacher. She leads a welcoming and open class allowing you to engage with your own body and safely grow in strength, flexibility and awareness of yourself” 
Theia Maldoom, Dancer in training at the London Contemporary Dance School

Photos by Ali Schilling